The Company

Welcome to HaMedic GmbH the specialists for medical X-ray products !


We distribute all equipment & consumables that are required for medical imaging, in particular:   

· Protection Apparel

· Radiation Shielding Glass / Protective Lead Glass

· Protection Barriers, Mobile Screens & Operator Shields

· Protective Components  

· Protection Accessories

· Operating Room Equipment

· Viewers / Image Viewing Devices

· X-Ray Accessories

· Developing / Film Processors

· Darkroom Equipment

· Quality Control Equipment

· X-ray Units

· Cassettes & Screens

· Films & Chemicals

· Dental X-ray

· Diagnostic Equipment

· Injection / Infusion

· Documentation & Archives Equipment

· Hospital Furniture & MRI Equipment


Creating trust through quality’ is the guiding principle of HaMedic.


Our daily challenge is our customer’s confidence and satisfaction reached by the quality of the products HaMedic supplies, the transparency of our procedures, the methods of operation as well as the service we provide.   


We are your partner to make your operations successful & profitable.  


For immediate access please contact us now: HaMedic GmbH. 

  HaMedic GmbH
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