07. February 2022
 Store and protect the protection apparel compact, well organized, easily accessible and in a perfect working order  Space saving  Solid manufacture, frame made from sturdy square tube powder coated metal  Conductive castors ø 75 mm, two with locks for an ease of mobility and comfortable handling  Solid back plate and brackets made of stainless steel V2A  Brackets left and right swiveling  Easy to clean and disinfect  Easy to install (installation material included)
01. February 2022
Radiation Shielding Glass Article Group PG  Premium quality radiation shielding glass protecting against X-rays in the range of 80 to 300 kV  Due to its high content of barium and lead the glass provides an optimum protection against ionizing radiation  Excellent visual clarity and optical transparency  Supplied as ready polished plates with ground edges  Applicable as viewing windows for X-ray, angiography rooms, CT scans Optical properties: • Refractive index nD 1,76 • Ligh
24. January 2022
DESCRIPTION: - Adjustable collar with Velcro closure - Providing optimal protection of thyroids and sternum area - The collar can be adjusted from 35-45 cm - Optional attachment to the apron available - Collar height: 4 cm - Lead equivalent of 0,50mm Pb, Light-Lead Made in Germany
16. January 2022
DESCRIPTION: Premium quality, double sided apron, made in Germany. Both front and back protection in full length. TECHNICAL: Flexible lead rubber material Front LE 0,50 mm Pb, back LE 0,25 mm Pb Standard color: blue Other colors available: e.g. green, red, grey, yellow, orange, pink. Closure: Velcro closure SIZE: Small S Length: 90 cm Width: 60 cm Other sizes available TECHNICAL: Flexible lead rubber material Front LE 0,50 mm Pb, back LE 0,25 mm Pb



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