23. August 2022
An integrated standoff pad ensures that image artifacts which may be created by the shielding are reduced to an absolute minimum. Hypoallergenic adhesive tabs to ensure that the shield is fitted properly. Attenuation: Up to 40% Lead equivalent: 0,125 mm Pb Advantages at a glance: • Significant protection for Eye Lens • Substantial dose reduction (in all CT scan configurations) • Low image artifacts • Packaged in a box with instructions printed on the lid • Easy to apply
23. August 2022
Professional personal dosimeter for measuring continuous and pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation in the energy range 20 keV – 10 MeV. The PM1610 dosimeters are recommended to protect professionals who work with or around X-ray or gamma radioactive materials. The possible use areas include but not limited to: hospitals, mines, customs officers, nuclear stations personnel etc. Standard color: grey (for orange, blue or black please ask
07. February 2022
 Store and protect the protection apparel compact, well organized, easily accessible and in a perfect working order  Space saving  Solid manufacture, frame made from sturdy square tube powder coated metal  Conductive castors ø 75 mm, two with locks for an ease of mobility and comfortable handling  Solid back plate and brackets made of stainless steel V2A  Brackets left and right swiveling  Easy to clean and disinfect  Easy to install (installation material included)
01. February 2022
Radiation Shielding Glass Article Group PG  Premium quality radiation shielding glass protecting against X-rays in the range of 80 to 300 kV  Due to its high content of barium and lead the glass provides an optimum protection against ionizing radiation  Excellent visual clarity and optical transparency  Supplied as ready polished plates with ground edges  Applicable as viewing windows for X-ray, angiography rooms, CT scans Optical properties: • Refractive index nD 1,76 • Ligh
24. January 2022
DESCRIPTION: - Adjustable collar with Velcro closure - Providing optimal protection of thyroids and sternum area - The collar can be adjusted from 35-45 cm - Optional attachment to the apron available - Collar height: 4 cm - Lead equivalent of 0,50mm Pb, Light-Lead Made in Germany
16. January 2022
DESCRIPTION: Premium quality, double sided apron, made in Germany. Both front and back protection in full length. TECHNICAL: Flexible lead rubber material Front LE 0,50 mm Pb, back LE 0,25 mm Pb Standard color: blue Other colors available: e.g. green, red, grey, yellow, orange, pink. Closure: Velcro closure SIZE: Small S Length: 90 cm Width: 60 cm Other sizes available TECHNICAL: Flexible lead rubber material Front LE 0,50 mm Pb, back LE 0,25 mm Pb



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