Developing & Darkroom

Developing / Film Processors

Our product range reaches from compact table-top processors to high-performance heavy duty processors for all standard medical X-ray films. We also supply film processors for mammography films as well as dental films. The exclusive use of high quality components ensures highest reliability.

  • Automatic X-ray Film Processors Heavy Duty
  • Automatic X-ray Film Processors Table Top
  • Automatic Dental Film Processors
  • Automatic Mammography Film Processors
  • Accessories (Base Tables & Cabinets, Wall Sets, Fume Exhausts, Filters, Spare Part Sets, etc.)


Darkroom Equipment

For the extensive work in the darkroom, we offer products for the film development from A - Z, so that the entire process - from the beginning of the film exposure to the end of the film ready for diagnosis - is completely accompanied.

  • Darkroom Safelights & Darkroom Lamps
  • Darkroom Furniture / Workbenches ‘made on order’
  • Film Cabinets / Film Hoppers
  • Cassette Transfer Cabinets
  • Manual Film Processing Tanks
  • Film Dryers
  • Darkroom Accessories (Film Hangers, Racks, Processing Parts, etc.)
  • Film Identification (Darkroom ID Film Scribor)
  • X-ray Film Duplicators
  • Silver Recovery Units
  • Warning Lights 'X-RAY – NO ENTRY'
  • Film Hangers & Channel Hangers
  • Dripping Racks & Film Hanger Storage Racks
  • Film Hanger Trolleys
  • Tank Thermometers, Stirring Rods, Alarm Timer


Please contact us if you cannot find a special product listed in our portfolio!



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