Protection Apparel & Storage Racks

Protection Apparel

Our modern and premium quality protection apparel for the daily working routine made in Germany!

Designed for excellent protection against X-rays.

First class materials guarantee longevity for many years of successful operation.
Available with standard lead or light lead as well as lead free materials in all usual standard sizes as well as tailor made according to customer requirements.

Above all, the most important fact is that with choosing our protective apparel by ordering the appropriate sizes and shapes it is secured that all care is taken that all important and critical areas are fully covered!

Last but not least our protective apparel can be ordered in many different color designs according to your preferences. Especially for the smaller patients our children aprons are available in a cute special children design.

Our protective apparel complies with the strict norms under EU directives.

  • Front Aprons
  • Surgical Aprons
  • Double Aprons & Special Double Aprons
  • Image Intensifier Aprons
  • Skirts & Vests
  • Multifunctional Aprons
  • Wrap Coats
  • Stretch & Spine Belts
  • Thyroid Collars
  • Protective Caps & Hats
  • Radiation Protection Gloves & Surgical Protection Gloves
  • X-Ray Protective Face Mask
  • Cover Plate / X-ray Shields (Patient Covers)
  • Gonad Half Aprons & Gonad Wrap Skirts
  • Ovarian Shields
  • Gonad Flexible T-Shields
  • Gonad Pants
  • Mamma Protection
  • Children Front Aprons & Children Double Aprons
  • Dental & Dental Panoramic Aprons for Children & Adults
  • Arm Protection Sleeves
  • Protective Eyewear (Spectacles / Goggles / Eye Shields)
  • CT-Protectors (Eye & Thyroid)

Apron Racks

Aprons should always be hung on a rack or hanger specifically designed for protective apron storage. Our wall mounted and mobile apron racks will keep your radiation protection aprons and gloves safe and secure.

  • Rigid & Swiveling Apron Wall Racks
  • Mobile Racks
  • Combi Racks for Aprons & Gloves


Please contact us if you cannot find a special product listed in our portfolio!



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