Radiation Shielding Glass

Protective Lead Glass

Premium quality radiation shielding glass protecting against X-rays in the range of 80 to 300 kV made in EU!

Due to its high content of barium and lead the anti-X glass provides an optimum protection against ionizing radiation. Excellent visual clarity and optical transparency. Supplied as polished plate with ground edges.

Applicable as viewing windows for X-ray rooms, angiography rooms, CT scan rooms.
Our radiation shielding glass can be manufactured with holes, cutouts, miters or coatings.

Additionally the glass can be equipped in an additional working process with frames made from stainless steel of German V2A quality!

  • Shielding Glass for medical, technical and research applications
  • Lead equivalents: 0,5 mm Pb / 1,3 mm Pb / 1,7 mm Pb / 2,3 mm Pb / 2,8 mm Pb / 3,3 mm Pb / 3,6 mm Pb / 4,7 mm Pb / 5,4 mm Pb
  • Glass-Frame Systems (Shielding Glass Window Frames / Radiation Protective Windows)

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