In addition to our core business, we can supply you with further products, below are some examples:


Operating Room Equipment

  • OR – Digital and Analog Images Viewing Stations
  • Film Viewers for Operating Theatre and Surgery Cabinet
  • Operation Positioning Pads, Supports, Belts & Mattresses
  • UV-C- Flow Germicidal Lamps

X-ray Units

  • Mobile X-ray Units 3.5 kW-80 mA/6 kW-150 mA/15 kW-320 mA/32 kW-425 mA
  • Portable X-ray Units 1,6 kW-20 mA/2,4 kW-35 mA/3,2 kW-60 mA /5 kW-100 mA
  • Dental X-ray Units

Diagnostic Equipment

  • Enema Bags
  • Pneumocolons
  • Salpingography Sets
  • Ultrasound Gels
  • Fiducial Markes (Gold Makers)


Injection / Infusion

  • Syringes & Needles (all reputable brands)
  • Positioning Arm Pads

Documentation & Archives Equipment

  • X-ray Film Envelopes
  • Thermal Printing Paper (all reputable brands)
  • Electronic Storage Media (CD, DVD, MOD)

Hospital Furniture & MRI Equipment

  • Furniture of all kinds (Working Tables, Instrument Tables, Foot steps, Infusion Stands, Instrument Disposal Trays, Waste Bowls, Equipment Trolleys, Mayo Tables, Linen Trolleys, Disposal Bag Stands, Instrument Cabinets, Examination Couches, Relax Couches & Chairs, Stretchers, Over Bed Tables, etc.)
  • MRI Compatible Furniture (‘Non-Magnetic’) of all kinds
  • MRI Compatible Stretchers
  • MRI Compatible Wheelchairs
  • MRI Compatible Oxygen Monitors
  • MRI Compatible Accessories of all kinds
  • MRI Handheld Metal Detector
  • MRI Fire Extinguisher

NDT (Non Destructive Testing / Industrial X-ray)

  • Industrial ID Film Scribor
  • Cassettes for NDT
  • Softcover for NDT
  • Lead Foil for NDT
  • Industrial NDT LED Film Viewers

Films & Chemicals

  • Medical X-ray Films (all brands)
  • Laser Films / Dry Imaging Films (all brands)
  • Processing Chemicals (powder & liquid for manual & automatic process)

Please contact us if you cannot find a special product listed in our portfolio!



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